What’s So Great About Flint Audio Television Services?

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For one thing, we pick out the best products to sell in our store. You can rest assured when purchasing a television from our store location at Aquidneck that you’re getting the best. Local customers love the way that we recommend different televisions based on picture, smart apps, 4k technology, and price. You can’t find a better television retailer in the Middletown, RI area.

Check out some of our top selections and television deals for Rhode Island customers:

Sony 85″ X850F Series TV

The best of the best televisions at Flint Audio Video include the largest Sony available on the market. Typically, this television goes for $3999, but we’ve knocked $1000 off the price for the Black Friday season. This is an amazing TV with 4k resolution, Playstion Live connectivity, smart apps, and lots of HDMI inputs. The picture quality is crystal clear thanks to TRILUMINOS™ Display on this X850F 4K television.

Sony 75″ X850F 4K UHD HDR

Like the 85″, the X850F 4k UHD HDR TV from Sony is the same series but just a little smaller. This is a great purchase for a 4k TV with IPS options. You can brighten up the screen to overcome glare, but it simply handles reflections better than any other television on the market. For gaming, Sony offers the best experience, and you can easily connect all of your consoles and devices. It feels responsive with low input lag, and Sony is known for great motion handling. You can view this television at almost any angle as well and still get a bright, clear picture.

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Sony 49″ X900F 4K X1 Extreme

With excellent color accuracy and a lower price tag, you do not cheapen the television at all at this level. Sony simply makes a better television, and the X1 Extreme is definitely as good as the X850F series, however you won’t pay as much for similar quality. For one, it has a smart use of brightness in HDR, and it’s been named the best in class for TV processing. Setting up a home theater? Perfect! The Sony X1 Extreme is known for its brilliant cinematic motion. The apps on the television are also the perfect mode for convenience. Whether you want to listen to Spotify, watch HBO, or connect to Hulu, there are an endless number of ways to connect your Sony to all of your subscription TV and streaming services.

Sony 49″ X800E 4K UHD HDR

With a large screen, beautiful color accuracy, and great features, the Sony X800E is another option for those who want luxury and performance, as well as a lower price tag. This LED Tv uses IPS technology and 4k resolution to present a beautiful picture at every angle. It has a wide viewing angle, and the gradients are quiet smooth. You won’t find any stepping or blurring with this TV either. It offers picture perfect quality with low input lag, thus making it a great option if you like watching movies or playing on a PlayStation. One thing that may deter you is that this is a previous model, which means that some pictures do have a bit less brightness. Some blacks may appear inky, but we don’t find that it hinders most viewing experiences, unless you are watching black and white films.

Sony 65″ X850F 4K UHD HDR

There’s something great about the X850F series that you’ll like best with the lower price tag and great quality. The 65″ 850F is probably the perfect buy, especially if you have a living space that you don’t want overpowered by the television. While large enough to watch the game, it’s the perfect size for a family living room, and it has great features, such as Netflix and Playstation apps.

Sony 55″ X900F 4K X1 Extreme

Interested in the X900F? We don’t blame you. While we are partial to Sony televisions, the X900F is a tried and true television that offers plenty of color accuracy, smart HDR, and strong black levels no matter what picture you are watching. With this LED TV, you also ave more on the price. Some of these televisions are marked up to over $7,000 in price, but we keep our prices low on even the most sought-after Sony televisions.