Take $1000 Off Select TVs by Shopping Local

flint audio video tv

Sometimes the deals aren’t good to be true, especially when you shop at local television retailers. Flint Audio Video located in Middletown, Rhode Island offers some of the best televisions at lower rates than you’ll find anywhere online or in-store. Their prices reflect what local residents expect: great televisions at the right value.

In addition, shopping local for television deals in Rhode Island helps with charities as well. For example, Flint Audio Video donates to over a dozen different local organizations, including Seamen’s Church Institute, Portmouth High School Football, Child and Family Services RI, and Hillside Charities.

Some of the best deals on televisions are happening right now. Take a look at a few of the televisions available on Flint-Audio.com and in-store in the Aquidneck Shopping Centre, right next to Starbucks.

What to Look for in Flint Televisions

Whether looking at brand new or refurbished televisions, the main thing that is important to our staff is that you find a great television at the right price. From 4k resolution to smart apps like Netflix, your television should also suit your viewing pleasure. While we focus on brands that stand the test of time, our certified electronic technicians can also repair and refurbish any television or audio equipment.

TV Setup and Installation

Got space requirements? We’ll happily help you measure and ensure that your television is set up properly in your living space. Your entire media center can be completely set up quickly and efficiently, saving you time and energy so that your TV is ready to go with a simple flick of the remote.

Personalized Customer Service

It’s more than selling you a high quality product that drives us. We want to make sure that you are satisfied and happy with your purchase, as well as your service from the Flint Audio Video team. Whether you need recommendations for your space, want more HDMI inputs, or have a complete renovation for your media center in mind, we have been in the business for many years and know exactly what type of media setup is appropriate for your space. We can help you come up with the dream theme for your television viewing experience, as well as the right surround sound to go with it. If your movie theater budget is ready, our team can assist you in getting the right surround sound quality in addition to the perfect television.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not so sure about a purchase? Did something happen to your television in the first 30 days? We’ll happily work with you to ensure you’re satisfied. We have a friendly return policy that our customers swear by. Our customers recommend our services all the time to their friends and family. Ask us about referral discounts and more!